Why the EP Live and Andrea Natale Diverts Virtual?

Dr. Natale AndreaAs the COVID-19 pandemic continues striking the world health status, most populations have been forced to stay in their respective homes to curb the spread. These protocols apply to entertainment departments like concerts, athletics stadiums, movie theaters, and business activities. In that case, academic institutions have diverted virtually to ensure education is smoothly moving on. The EP Live has embraced that perspective and planned to present its activities on the online platform.

What is EP Live?

It is an outstanding event that usually takes place annually around Texas, Austin, and Milan. It has been hosted in Colombia, Dubai, and India by the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmias Institute, particularly at St. David’s Medical Center. Nowadays, Dr. Andrea Natale is operating as the primary Executive Medical Director in that Institute. The event that was held back in 2020 was its fifth edition ceremony. It offers educational opportunities such as electrophysiology fellows, general cardiologists, and practical clinical cardiac electrophysiologists to its students.

The EP Live two-day convention is chaired by Andrea Natale, who allows experts to share their experience associated with the cardiac job. They also discuss outstanding cardiac procedures and outline the appropriate ways to boost electrophysiology treatment options. That’s the main reason why the Institute has enhanced cardiac care to help many suffering patients around the globe.

That remarkable event took place on December 3 and 4. It consisted of four primary sections like VT ablation, latest technologies, devices, and AF ablation. These sections are pulled along with the electrophysiology professionals that offer discussion and commentary globally. People who usually attend that convection get chances to study and observe both previously and live recorded instances to boost their understanding. Furthermore, they learn how to manage and treat cardiac arrhythmias.

His Historical Backroad

Andrea Natale is mostly recognized as the educator, researcher, and clinician who has committed himself to serve patients and educating professionals on cardiology stipulated measures. Besides, he has published over 600 articles that share his experience in cardiac surroundings. Before he was employed as the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia’s Executive Director, he served in numerous cardiology centers’ ranking positions in the United States. He has received a positive reputation from the cardiac challenged patients, making him strive to achieve extraordinarily in the field.