What You Need to Know About Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has been one of the most important figures in the marketing, advertising and financial sectors over the past several decades. He has worked for a variety of companies such as HBO, Yahoo and Guggenheim Digital Media throughout the course of his career. Levinsohn is currently serving as CEO of Maven and Sports Illustrated.

Working for Sports Illustrated Was an Honor for Levinsohn

Ross Levinsohn has said many times that he is a history buff who enjoys helping legacy brands find their place in a modern society. In an interview, he told the story of how envious he was of a college associate who created a classic sports network. Levinsohn said that he would routinely feel nostalgic watching highlights from players that he envied as a child. Ultimately, getting an opportunity to work at Sports Illustrated was his opportunity to indulge his love for sports and history at the same time.

Sports Illustrated Wasn’t the First Major Publication Levinsohn Oversaw

Prior to working for the historic magazine, Levinsohn had been in charge of numerous national publications. These publications included AdWeek, The Hollywood Reporter and the Los Angeles Times. He would also oversee digital operations for the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun and Orlando Sentinel.

Levinsohn Would Spend Time Helping Tech Startups Reach Their Potential

For three years, Ross Levinsohn worked at a venture capital firm called Whisper Advisers. During this time there, he worked with dozens of technology startups that needed access to money, business contacts and professional advice. Levinsohn still has an ownership stake in many of the companies that he partnered with during his time with Whisper Advisers.

Maven Hired Ross Levinsohn in August 2020

After a successful stint working for Sports Illustrated, Maven decided that Levinsohn would be a suitable replacement for the firm’s outgoing founder. Maven and Sports Illustrated have a working relationship as the publishing firm provides the tools that the magazine uses to create, market and distribute its content.