Stephen Bittel: How Covid-19 Has Changed Ways of Conducting Businesses

Before Covid-19 struck, all things continued normally, with businesses going on uninterrupted. The pandemic made the government announce measures to reduce the infection rate, such as self-isolating and social distancing. That has affected businesses due to the restriction of movements. People living in big towns did so communally, which contributed to the economy’s growth.

According to real estate guru Stephen Bittel, people who live as a community help develop the area because of their different activities. One thing that will contribute to the growth of the economy in the cities during the pandemic is engaging in real estate businesses. Additionally, Bittel believes that Miami’s economy will return to normal when residents invest in real estate.

These days, most firms have introduced online business, which has helped them remain in operation. Covid-19 has made fewer people walk to the shops for purchases. Just like many other sectors, the real estate industry has also embraced operating businesses on the internet.

According to Stephen Bittel, companies need to introduce physical companies for their customers to enjoy while purchasing. They should do so by observing the coronavirus measures given by the government.

Mr. Bittel believes that businesses should consider the people who buy from physical outlets. After making physical purchases, they later share the experience with their peers. Bittel reiterates that urban retail is vital for any local community to excel. Furthermore, businesses use commercial outlets that positively influence society in the form of economic growth.

Stephen Bittel is the founder of Terranova Corporation and has been its president for over 30 years. He was born and raised in Miami, where he learned about real estate. Since then, Mr. Bittel has worked in the industry, gaining expertise by the day. He loves working for the community, his town, and the whole nation. Bittel notes that individuals need to elect proper community leaders to thrive.

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