SextPanther: Meow!

There’s never been a lonelier time in American history than during the Covid-19 pandemic that ravaged the nation and the global like. And with the help of one certain special little company founded in 2014, it was a little less lonely for some people.

This company, SextPanther, has a unique site that offers people a method of maintaining adult conversations with models that the company employs specifically for this purpose.

SextPanther focuses primarily on the topic of “sex chatting”. By doing so, they allow people to participate in conversations, typically sexual, through the use of text messages, or sexts, to incorporate an edge of interest to their love life or their intimate needs. The company now claims that sexting is one of the most preferred methods for fostering connections with other people for intimate relationships during the current circumstances right now. This new surge of sexting culture has increased rapidly in popularity with thanks to how easily accessed texting technology is now.

This horrible pandemic has generated numerous complications for those people who have been looking to enjoy time in relationships and many even just for some fun. Restaurants, bars, and many other premier entertainment locations providing such connections before the pandemic were recently eliminated when everything began to and remain to be shut down. This then created a unique situation where those of us who wanted to become employed in the sex industry could not, and those of us who wanted to play with those people in the industry could not do so.