SeaWorld San Diego Reopens Rides

A full thirteen months after closing, SeaWorld San Diego is opening their rides up to visitors again. March of 2020, the world went on lock-down, with theme parks such as SeaWorld experienced total shut-downs. The Southern Californian park has been given the go-ahead to reopen, with new safety and sanitation practices in place to ensure a safe environment for visitors and workers alike. With guidelines in place dictating a reduced capacity of 25%, masks, and distancing, you can expect a relatively safe visit to the park.

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With the opening of thrill rides and coasters, fans of the park will be flooding in. This could have, in previous days, lead to enormously long lines. There is a good chance that lines will be shorter lines than before shutting down, with capacity so drastically reduced. Shorter lines are just another perk for checking the attractions out. Among the rides they are opening are the Electric Eel, the tallest coaster in San Diego, the Manta coaster, and even kiddie rides like Aqua Scout and Elmo’s Flying Fish.

Scheduled to open at a later date are the water attractions and a new coaster. The delay in opening them is due to weather, and they will begin opening Journey to Atlantis, Shipwreck Rapids, and the rest once it is warm enough to operate them, providing there are no more lock-down orders issued. While the park is excited to unveil the new roller coaster ride, Emporer, SeaWorld San Diego is waiting forthe perfect time to do it. The park has decided to put off opening this ride for now but has hinted they will open it in the near future.

Safely reopening theme parks is something many have been looking forward to, especially in Southern California where locals can obtain monthly park passes for extremely discounted prices. More to read: