Ross Levinsohn, New Leader of Maven

Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn has worked in America’s communications, media and technology industries for more than 35 years. His career got started with entrepreneurship, something he would revisit again and again through the decades. Along with a fellow graduate of American University, he co-founded a production firm. They operated it for several years, then found different opportunities. For Levinsohn, that was marketing at Time Warner Sports, followed by production at SportsLine.

In the late 1990s, the rising popularity of the internet drew Levinsohn into the technology aspect of communications. In 2001, he used his new knowledge to become a general manager at Fox Interactive Sports Media. His success at brand expansion led him to a promotion as Fox Interactive Sports’ CEO in 2004. This was a position he held for two years.

Rapid growth of the internet appealed to Levinsohn’s entrepreneurial side, and he co-founded an ad business with James Heckman. It grew quickly, and it was bought out by media giant Yahoo in 2010. Heckman founded Maven after the buyout, and Levinsohn joined Yahoo. After serving as a short-term CEO at Yahoo, Levinsohn went on to coordinate the online operations of Tribune Interactive’s business. He was also tasked with revamping the Los Angeles Times as its CEO in 2017. The 2010s also saw Levinsohn start two consulting businesses and serve as a CEO for Boston Consulting Group, Guggenheim Partners and Scout Productions.

In 2019, Maven had grown into a large media holding company. Its umbrella included more than 300 brands. These brands encompassed both printed and online publications. It has purchased Sports Illustrated Media, and Heckman’s choice of a leader for the division was Ross Levinsohn. The publication needed new voices and a bigger audience, and Levinsohn had no trouble delivering on both promises.

Heckman’s retirement announcement in the middle of 2020 was a surprise to Levinsohn, who was equally surprised when Heckman asked him to take over as Maven’s CEO. After accepting the position, Ross Levinsohn started as the organization’s leader in August 2020. Some of the most well-known properties operated by Maven include Maxim,, Ski Magazine and