Robinson Helicopter Company: In the Spirit of Moving Forward

Robinson HelicopterWhen the pandemic hit, most companies struggled to stay afloat, and some were even unfortunately forced to close down. Robinson Helicopter Company wasn’t spared from this challenging situation as it too had a slight decrease in sales that year.

Robinson Helicopter Company worked to keep afloat but still had to send their staff home for a while. Since with time, the number of infections was increasing, and the L. A County was forced to impose a lockdown.

Moving Forward

But after a period of wondering whether they were an essential service or not, the manufacturer was deemed to be one. That was a relief to the Robinson Helicopter Company as they soon were working on bringing their personnel to work.

The air framer started by bringing approximately 25 w ers orkto the enterprise per week before finally bringing its entire workforce of about 900 people back to work.

The company also put protocols in place to ensure the safety of its personnel. The company instituted work areas that were adequately socially distanced and placed plastic barriers. It also painted footprints all over the floors of high traffic areas and set a mask mandate for all its employees.

The CEO Robinson cautioned the workers also to maintain caution even when they are on breaks. He encouraged the staff to do what they have to do to get through the crisis, even if that includes taking breaks outside the establishment and finding alternate spaces to eat from.

Getting Through the Crisis

Robinson Helicopter

In an attempt to move on, the Robinson Helicopter Company continued to work on its projects. Take, for instance, it’s recently unveiled state-of-the-art cockpit video camera.

The camera will provide passengers with a great view of both the inside and outside of the helicopter. It will also go a long way in helping mechanics determine any glitches and when or why a warning light goes on.

Besides that, it will offer passengers the option of having a keepsake from their flights on the helicopters. Moreover, the device will act as a great training tool as it will capture most things done by pilots and mechanics during a flight test.