Refurbishing Giant Kip Lewis of Lewis Investments

The pandemic has caused a significant shift in business conduct. Most companies have had to scratch their heads and develop strategies of adapting and stay afloat. One such leader is Kip Lewis, the CEO of Lewis Investments from Austin, Texas. Just before the pandemic hit, Lewis brought on board a refinancing firm, LLP, to assist with some properties. Lewis Investments faced a loom when credit markets shut, but as a result, the team worked through alternative resources.


Successfully, Lewis Investments were able to complete the recapitalization of multiple manufacturing warehouses and recreational vans. With his passion for remodeling, Kip has philanthropically purchased most buildings in the Round Rock area and has created employment for the locals in Texas. With unprecedented certainties, Lewis shares some of his business lessons. Kip recognizes flexibility as a significant survival factor in this volatile world. Leaders who can structure new prospects, innovate, shift and adapt necessarily pivot their firms to survive and succeed.


Since the world went digital, leaders are to curate ways to coach employees and confidently deal and handle business technologically. Being conversant with technological innovations in that particular sector is a plus. Kip initiated a customer relations methodology by investing heavily in digital marketing. Establishing effective care relations with the employees also improves their morale and instills a sense of good ethos.


Lewis incredibly advocates for businesses to culminate in ways of reducing their operational costs. Doing away with unnecessary spending and physical interactions are some of the realizations that companies have noted during this pandemic. Clarity, calmness, and focus are essential qualities that a leader should possess. With this in mind, employees will feel supported, guided, and trust their manager hence maintaining continuity and progress. As transitioning continues, so will businesses, plan for financial reserves, management strategies, and establishing ambient team communication and work models for future purposes.


Lewis Investments in Austin is a real estate company founded by Kip Lewis, which majorly focuses on restorations. He has navigated the Downtown Business Owners Association as president. Through his position Kip Lewis has completed numerous historic Round Rock projects such as Main Street Grill Restaurant, Pflugerville, and Georgetown communities, to mention a few.