Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity with Caribou

Caribou Caribou has an extensive range of services that provide you with a complete solution to deliver superior logistics, warehousing, and transport solutions to the business community. If you are looking for a great service provider that provides a comprehensive range of professional freight services then this is the company for you. Caribou prides itself on delivering innovative solutions and offering a wide variety of services to all types of businesses in all sectors across Canada. The company is constantly striving to provide the best possible services to clients in the transportation and warehousing industries.

You can gain a complete insight into the services provided by the company by reviewing its current offerings and services portfolio. Caribou has a dedicated and experienced team of experts that are available to meet your needs at any stage of the logistics process. This is combined with industry knowledge and an experienced track record of delivering superior customer service. Being able to handle all shipping and warehousing needs with simplicity and efficiency means you can concentrate on other aspects of your business such as developing and expanding your product offering.


If you are looking for a full-service provider who delivers custom freight services then contact Caribou today and discuss your transportation needs. We offer a comprehensive solution from start to finish, helping companies reduce costs and improve productivity. We are constantly adding new tools and processes and expanding our services to fit our customers’ needs and deliver the safest and fastest route. With modern technology and an ever-growing network of forwarding partners, we are growing faster than ever and have one of the largest networks of freight and transport services in North America.