Online Trading Academy and SEC’s Former Chief Economist Chips in on Retail Traders’ Education

The term education features among the common keywords in the financial sector just like training and learning. The three terms are bound to remain in the industry for an extended period. However, education levels differ to the extent that OTA sought a 3rd party opinion from a financial professional called Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris.

Dr. Harris is a unique figure at the American University where he chairs the Finance department at the Kogod College of Business. Dr. Harris was also working at the U.S. Exchange and Securities Commission as the Chief Economist.

He also took charge of a similar position at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Dr. Harris also went to NASDAQ Stock Market as a visiting academic and reviewed the relevant OTA course materials, online sessions, virtual classes, and CLiK, a new trading platform.

Dr. Harris believes financial education is a life skill, and so passionate about it, and willing to extend participation in other markets equitably. However, a majority of people do not enjoy this education, and American University and Dr. Harris are committed to ensuring the larger population is equipped.

Some finance majors are limited to some derivative markets, and so also need the OTS investing and trading education. Dr. Harris believes that OTA’s materials and the principles under the courses are founded on firm economic theories and also compare nicely with derivative programs, and university investment at both graduate and undergraduate levels.

OTA boasts of comparable delivery techniques and curriculum because their ideas are widely accepted and avail lifelong opportunities to the students aiming to trade in the future.

The training resources offer an outstanding experience to learners and enable them to follow the techniques and principles offered by OTA to ensure confidence in investing and trading. Education levels differ because some are theoretical and others demand some experiential backing to build skills, confidence, and proficiency.

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