Matthew Fleeger: A Profound Entrepreneur of Multi-Industry Successes

Matthew FleegerMatthew Fleeger is indeed an individual whose life’s work has proven his credibility as an extraordinary industry leader. As a strong-willed optimist, it has been the combination of Fleeger’s undying devotion to his occupational desires and his growing list of fulfilled entrepreneurial endeavors that have placed him well above the average business professional on the corporate ranking tier. Directly after receiving his BBA in Finance and Marketing from Southern Methodist University in 1986, Fleeger immediately began applying his business education towards obtaining a promising career within the business realm. Nonetheless, for a period of seven years, Fleeger landed entry-level roles that enabled him to acquire the field experience that would inevitably contribute to his executive successes.

Matthew Fleeger’s entrepreneurial pursuits kicked off in 1993 when he founded MedSolutions—a company Fleeger developed that supplied the medical industry with the treatment, disposal, and transportation of medical wastes. During this time period, Fleeger has also chosen to endeavor within the tanning industry via the founding of Palm Beach Tan and Mystic Tan. As an educated businessman, Fleeger had both mastered and applied management tactics that enabled his businesses to thrive from the point of inception to that of generating multi-million dollar revenue. Over the course of 14 years of having prosperously directed the operations of his own establishments as president, director, and CEO, Matthew Fleeger had too refined his negotiation skills through the selling of MedSolutions ($59 million) to Stericycle. Moreover, once that deal had taken place, Fleeger took over his father’s company in 2007 to serve as the CEO of Gulf Coast Western in the gas and oil industry.

Matthew Fleeger

According to Matthew Fleeger of Gulf Coast Western, of all the advancements that the gas and oil industry has encountered throughout its years of evolution, the one trend that excites him is the application of technology within the industry. Just within five years alone, the gas and oil industry has been presented with new opportunities via American ingenuity that didn’t even exist years ago. As a reputable CEO, Matthew Fleeger of Gulf Coast Western definitely agrees to the fact that the application of technological advancements strongly correlate to the strategical efficiency of corporations.