Krishen Iyer and Keeping Things Simple

Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur based in Fresno California and the founder of a consulting firm known as MAIS Consulting. Iyer went to San Diego state university where he obtained a degree in public administration which pushed him into the world of insurance. Because of Krishen’s education and savvy business skills this led him to start MNP insurance and this led to major success landing MNP insurance on the INC 5000 list. After this milestone in 2015 Iyer success has only gone up from there and using simplicity as a tool to achieve success. The concept that less is more has taken off when it comes to business and services. According to, Krishen knowing your own intentions is the key to making a simplistic plan. By not knowing your intentions it’s much easier to under or overestimate goals and not giving the consumer something, they can use. Simplicity also can make costs to both business people and consumers costs making things more appealing. Iyer didn’t think if you simplified something meant you had to sacrifice quality and it all comes down to good communication. He explained it isn’t easy knowing the right strategies to do so but knowing what frustrates people could be a tool to focus into dwindling things to a simpler and user-friendly product. When it comes to entrepreneurs there are some that know how to come up with good ideas and how to execute them. Krishen Iyer is an entrepreneur with good ideas that other business people should be very interested in. Follow Krishen Iyer on Instagram.