Kevin Seawright’s Advice to New Home Buyers

A home is a long-term investment and as such, a home purchase is one serious affair. You want to ensure that the home you buy not only offers you comfort but also serves you for a long time. Most people purchase a home once in their lifetime. Therefore, if you are new to a home purchase, you may need to take your time to ensure that your investment is worthwhile Kevin Seawright, founder of RPS Solutions LLC, provides some tips for those looking to purchase homes for the first time.

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Credit Score

Kevin Seawright advises first-time homebuyers to know what kind of credit score they have. It is their credit score that determines the eligibility for certain homes. He further states one has reduced chances of getting a home mortgage when they have poor or no credit score. Most lenders will evaluate the risk of giving you a mortgage based on the credit score. A good credit score increases the range of homes you can have mortgage access to.

Right Real Estate Agent Choice

Being new to the real estate industry, you may get tempted to go about house purchase search alone. Most home sellers are likely to take advantage of your naivety and convince you to invest in a beat-down home. However, real estate agents understand the housing industry and can help you find and purchase some of the best homes that fit your budget. Besides, having been in the industry for quite a while, they know of some houses with the best deals. Owing to the value a home has, you should never consider the services of an amateur to save on costs or a relative as a form of favor.

Include A Home Warranty Investment

The home purchase comes with lots of hidden expenses. After purchasing a house, you may later notice that it has some issues with leaking pipes and facets or poor roofing. Unlike your rented home where you had to depend on your landlord to fix such problems, you notice that you will have to incur such expenses. However, you can mitigate the repair costs as the home warranty covers such expenses. It is, therefore, wise to enquire from your agent about the home warranty package before committing to a home purchase.

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