James Gutierrez: 7 Career Highlights

James Gutierrez is a fintech entrepreneur that has had many successes in his professional life. James has changed the way we see credit in many different ways with his innovative business ideas. He is passionate about helping people get their credit scores up. Here are seven highlights from his career that inspire us today:

  1. James’ first career highlight was when he graduated from Stanford with degrees in Computer Science and Economics at age 20. James always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur and this was his first step into the business world.
  2. James founded Credit Karma in 2006, a credit and financial management service that helps people see their credit score. The company’s success has led to it being ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies ever by Forbes Magazine.
  3. He founded Opportun, which he started soon after graduating from Stanford. He sold the loan company to Microsoft in 2007 for $125 million.
  4. James began public speaking in 2009, and he has spoken at conferences such as the Interswitch conference in Lagos Nigeria. James also spoke on a panel of prominent leaders at Stanford University’s Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.school).
  5. In 2011 James Gutierrez founded LendUp to make loans more accessible for people who are often turned down by banks because of poor credit. He was inspired by his parents, who had a bad credit score. James also wanted to educate others on how people with low credit scores cannot afford housing, quality education, or healthcare.
  6. James created Aura, another loan company that specifically helped small businesses. The purpose of this company was not solely to give out loans but to educate the public about how to build good credit.
  7. In 2016 James launched the first-ever credit card for people with bad credit, through a partnership with Goldman Sachs’ investing arm Marcus. James is also a contributing author for the Washington Post, The Hill, and other publications.

James Gutierrez is an inspiration to all. With a successful 20 year career in banking and finance it is obvious to say he has changed the way we see credit and others.

Learn more about James: https://jamesgutierrez.gumroad.com