James Dondero Ventures Into Humanitarian Endeavors In The United States

The Highland Capital Management is among the flourishing companies in the finance sector of the United States. The financial firm was instigated by James Dondero together with other investors in the finance sector. After serving in a wide range of companies in the finance sector, Dondero decided to come up with a startup that will change the landscape of the finance sector. This was after identifying a business gap existing in the finance sector.

James Dondero has been in the finance sector for thirty years working in different prestigious companies. He has been hopping from one company to another across the finance sector of the United States. His main aim was to acquire innumerable expertise in different financial matters and how to develop a successful business in the finance industry. Due to his expertise, he has risen high through different ranks to the helm of the finance industry.

Jim Dondero also gets time to offer advice to different management boards and is invited as a guest speaker to discuss various finance matters. Dondero is also a motivational speaker having a group of youth whom he mentors regarding different finance matters. He is perceived as a transformational tool in the United States communities for the years he has been in the industry. James Dondero has changed the lives of many through his words of encouragement.

After the Highland Capital Management achieved a certain level of success, Dondero began venturing into charitable efforts supporting the low-income families in the United States. He supported his philanthropic hand by increasing the aid he was giving to the less fortunate. Finally, after several years, he decided to establish a charitable organization that supported the areas of education and healthcare.

However, James Dondero mainly focused on helping the people of San Francisco, where the company head offices are located. He has restored hope among many faces of children and the elderly through his continued charitable efforts. Visit this page for additional information.


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