James Dondero, the Investment Mogul

James Dondero is one of the prominent entrepreneurs packed with several years of experience. Mr. Dondero founded NexPoint, a company focusing on alternative investment. Besides, NexPoint comprises investment advisers, sponsors, broker-dealers, and some investment vehicles.

Under the leadership of James Dondero, NexPoint engaged in real estate ventures offering both public and private real estate investment trusts. NexPoint company focused on investing in real estate vehicles, close-end, and interval funds. Jim Dondero is the portfolio manager of NexPoint closed-end and Strategic Opportunities Funds (NYSE: NHF).

Mr. Dondero serves on various boards and takes up the director’s roles at NexPoint, more so in the publicly-traded REITs and the NexPoint Residential Trust Inc. Mr. Dondero has immense experience spanning up to 30 years as an investor in the alternative landscape.

Before he founded NexPoint Advisors, Jim had started many integrated businesses that would help manage investments in various sectors such as Credit, real estate, and private equity. Jim was focused on ensuring that he builds a global investment network to help his company grow while reaching out for his dreams. James Dondero became the co-founder of Highlands Capital Management in 1993.

Notably, Highland Capital Management group is a credit-focused venture that formed the foundation of Jim’s network. While serving at Highlands Capital, Mr. Dondero transformed the firm from the initial credit focus, providing other services and solutions. The idea of Highland Capital and the tremendous growth resulted in the birth of many investment platforms today.

Jim took time to learn and use the scope and scales of this investment platform to drive innovation at Highland Capital. In 2012, Mr. Dondero formed NexPoint, which was one way to integrate alternative strategies into retail channels. NexPoint focuses majorly on real estate, and they are determined to offer innovative solutions through product development and ensure they are meeting investors’ needs. See this page for additional information.


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