Jack Mason’s Thoughts about What Life Will Be Like After Lockdown

Jack Mason

Life is slowly going back to normal in England. However, it might take time before people can live the life they used to live before the current pandemic started. Although schools have reopened in the country and people have started to reopen their businesses, the UK government still urges residents to observe all the covid-19 containment measures to prevent any more infections.

According to Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO, the current situation is an indication that people will be living an everyday life soon. However, as life slowly goes back to normal, he says that several changes will happen as everyday life resumes in different areas of the country. Some of the changes Jack Mason thinks will happen to include the following.

He Predicts There Will Be a Salary Increment for Essential Workers

Many people have managed to stay safe by working at home following the government directive to prevent the spread of covid-19 infections. However, essential service providers have continued to offer valuable services that have ensured that the healthcare industry, the transport industry, the education industry, and other important service industries have remained active.

Jack Mason predicts that the UK government might increase the salaries and bonuses of UK essential workers in the future. That will encourage them to continue providing their services to keep the country moving during this challenging time.

He Predicts There Will Be More Virtual Events and Festivals

The UK entertainment industry might take much longer to resume regular operation. So, for those that would like to continue earning from the industry, they might have to hold their festivals, conferences, or gigs virtually.

As the UK government continues to issue directives discouraging people from congregating, Jack Mason Inc & Co CEO predicts that the UK entertainers will virtually hold most of their events until the current situation gets better.

About Jack Mason

Jack Mason

Jack Mason is the founder of Inc & Co. His company helps struggling businesses register better success. He uses his consultancy-led approach to assist them with all they need to achieve their business goals, including integrating them with his Inc & Co.