Introducing ClearObject Vision AI

Clearobject is running one of the revolutionary platforms when it comes to inspection of your energy infrastructure. The ObjectIO is a platform that is Google powered through vision intelligence. The platform uses photos to analyze and apply artificial intelligence to spot damaged areas and require repair. The technology minimizes the downtime and cost involved in rehabilitation.

The Clearobject ObjectIO platform is an artificial intelligence platform with an engine powered by one of the most robust technology from Google. The ObjectIO platform uses one of the latest and most inclusive vision intelligence technology with machine learning capabilities. With such a technology operating existing business processes has been simplified.

The developers of this platform have put all factors into consideration, allowing seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure. Such a seamless integration is a necessity when it comes to the cost of setting up an infrastructure afresh. With ObjectIO, the platform comes designed in a way that is relatively easier to detect problems and faults existing in your energy supply system quickly and efficiently. The system also can pinpoint the areas that are damaged with precision and allow experts to conduct repairs with much ease and fast.

Clearobject technology is so robust, and its application in the industry is quite diverse. One area where this technology gets effectively utilized is developing a wind turbine damage detection model. Previously a lot of work got done to ensure proper detection and repair of damaged wind turbines got done, however, with this technology from ObjectIO, and it’s pretty easy to point and fix damages emanating from blade faults. The model uses vision intelligence to inspect the wind turbine and precisely identify areas of the damaged blade and indicate the degree of damage.

Engineers are only required to take photos and upload them into the ObjectIO platform, where they are analyzed using artificial intelligence technology to identify faults. The results are displayed to the user on the screen in a manner that one can easily understand.

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