How QNET is Not a Scam

You have probably heard the rumors over the years that QNET is a scam, which may have even made you not want to shop with the company. You may not even understand what the company is though, but you should know that it represents independent individuals around the world who sell goods. Some have even claimed that the company is a Ponzi scheme, which is not true as there are no investors related to the brand. It is not even a pyramid scheme in which money from commission for selling products goes directly to the independent individuals who work for the company. Connect: Facebook

QNET is a direct selling company that uses e-commerce services, allowing customers to become sellers in their own rights or to purchase directly from the company. The owners of the business go diligently to work in integrity, which has even led them to change their name over time from GoldQuest. From the beginning, this business has faced tremendous success due to the chances they have taken to try new things, which has led to many scam accusations. Whenever these accusations resulted in consequences, however, the consequences were acquitted when the truth was finally discovered about the integrity of the company.

Professionals from Forbes and even courts across the world have found that QNET Scam is not involved in anything that is ethically wrong, and many of the false claims are not true. If there does appear to be a case, it is most often due to the fact that someone is using the name of the business without permission. Though the company is for-profit, they work to support their sellers to help them earn real money. It allows people to build their own businesses from nothing so that they can one day become extremely successful and make the money they need.

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