Highlights by James Gutierrez about the underbanked in America

According to the research carried out by renowned entrepreneurs like James Gutierrez, most of the people in the United States have limited access to financial services that can meet all their financial needs. He is an inclusivity proponent who fights for the underbanked people’s rights to help bridge the gap in finding financial opportunities. The implications of having many underbanked people in the state might also affect the banked people, as there is a recurring cycle of debt and poverty.

James Gutierrez is famous for creating more financial options for the underbanked in America. He has been using his opportunity as the CEO of Oportun to help many people get loans to service their financial needs. James has been on the front line to get new laws that allow more accessibility to loans for those in dire need of financial services. He has been a champion for two major financial programs, i.e., community development financial institutions and minority depository institutions. These programs have seen the underbanked communities in the state get the financial services they require. They have more lenient loaning terms, unlike most lenders.

James emphasizes a need to continue educating people about the existing financial institutions that can be of use, especially to people who already have a negative mindset about all financial institutions. James Gutierrez is coming up with a new inclusive mobile-first platform that links the underbanked people to the appropriate banking solutions. This new platform is there to provide financial security.

James Gutierrez has been searching for tactics that help make centralized financial institutions less powerful when controlling financial services. This means that people will get more opportunities to comprehend the suitable financial options and how they can best manage their finances.

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