Hauser Insurance Responds to the Market Changes During COVID-19

Insurers are looking for a rate above 25% and lowering coverage limits for Side A. Their focus is primarily on cash flow and liquidity. In general, they have no interest in writing emerging business and remain wary of new buyers. When dealing with EPL (Employment Practices Liability), Hauser Insurance offers coverage for claims from third parties or workers against the insured party. The coverage includes claims on harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination, and failure to promote.

Most companies have been compelled to terminate or suspend the working contracts of their staff through reduced furloughs. Such actions have resulted in an instant rise in claims regarding wrongful employment practices such as discrimination. According to the experts at Hauser Insurance, there will be an expected surge in claims from rehired workers. They are likely to claim failure by companies to offer proper measures to safeguard them from the coronavirus.

For this reason, insurers are closely monitoring employment actions like furloughs and layoffs. They now require documented business policies on employee safety actions for work resumption. As a response to these market conditions, Hauser Insurance has also increased retention with a particular target on companies in California.

The coverage for FLI (Fiduciary liability) includes claims of negligence, omissions, or errors in the management of business-sponsored worked benefits. Some of these benefit plans involve retirement plans such as 401 (k). Due to the presence of reactive public markets, there has been an increase in investment performance. This could, in turn, encourage the claims from those that take part in these plans.

Some businesses have chosen to temporarily stop employer matches on the 401(k) plan. With these existing conditions, insurers have taken a less reactive measure to the risk for small enterprises and middle markets whose plan properties are under $250 million.

A Brief History

Crime insurance offers coverage for claims of theft of securities, property, or money. This includes but is not limited to computer fraud, robbery, burglary, employee theft, social engineering fraud, and funds transfer fraud.

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