Eterneva Incorporating Modern-Day Technology to Convert Cremated Ashes to Memorial Diamonds

Losing a loved one or a pet is inevitable at one point in life. However, honoring their lives and keeping their memories and spirit alive long after they have gone is critical. Eterneva, a grief wellness and consumer technology company, has innovatively revolutionized the approach to memorial options. The firm was founded by Adelle Archer and Garrett Ozar. Under Adelle, the company has incorporated modern-day technology to transform the cremated ashes and hair into memorial diamonds made under intense heat, pressure, time and carbon.

Adelle initiated the idea to start the company after losing her friend and mentor, Tracey, who succumbed to stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Being the guardian to Tracey’s ashes, Archer opted to have them transformed into a black diamond, which sparked the idea to start Eterneva. Adelle Archer is an alumnus of the Austin-based Acton School of Business, where she graduated with an MBA in entrepreneurship. Having amassed immense knowledge and expertise in leadership from her management positions in multiple companies, Archer has been instrumental to the success of the corporation. Since its inception, the Austin-based company’s business model has proved to be a lucrative venture and has attracted numerous high-net-worth investors.

Springdale, Next Coast Ventures, Founder Collective, SoGal Ventures, among other private investors and venture firms, have partnered with Eterneva and raised over $4.8 million since its establishment to fund its ventures. Through the venture funding, the company under Adelle and Garrett has initiated plans to expand the Austin based Lab to increase its annual production capacity to 75 diamonds. The startup has also experienced steady and authentic growth due to strategic leadership. Currently, the company has over 17 employees and has developed operational labs in Switzerland and Germany. The company also received support from Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban, a move that has since increased the company’s customer base.

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