Desiree Perez Honored as a Change Agent by Billboard

Since 2012, Billboard names top power music players in several music categories: country music, Indies, and Latin-American. This was halted in 2021. The establishment introduced another variety of change agents named Jay Z and Desiree Perez as crucial players in effecting change. The change of calling only music players didn’t feel right as the pandemic had taken a toll on everyone. Couple that with the last election. The change agents were dubbed “Power players.” Billboard’s editors and journalists chose those on the rundown after checking on news inclusion consistently. They focused on the individuals who furnished a genuine change regarding support endeavors and developments.

The determinations were partitioned into a few classes—from music gatherings to marks and merchants to streaming. The courses covered each part of the music area, as opposed to zeroing in on specialists alone. Desiree Perez is the CEO of the Roc Nation, which was founded as a joint venture together with Jay Z in 2009. Since the inception of the company, she had served as the COO until 2019, when she was named the CEO. She is also the Chief of Roc Nation’s philanthropic wing-Team ROC. Billboard commended Roc Nation under Desire Perez to fight racial injustices and raise awareness concerning the same. Roc Nations has partnered with charities and organizations that raise awareness on social injustices and racial inequalities throughout the year, such as Gathering for Justice for Advocacy.

Perez’s job at Roc Nation centers around new business improvement, the board, magnanimity, distributing, visiting, TV, and film advancement—and, obviously, music. In 2019, Billboard named Perez Executive of the Year at their Women in Music grants. Desiree Perez was born of Cuban immigrants and worked as a part-time night club manager where she first met and booked Jay Z. She supported the launching of club 40/40 and later partnered with Jay Z to establish Roc Nation. However, Desirée Perez’s most significant efforts are those that ensure Roc Nation supports inclusion and diversity.