Data Systems International Announces Plans to Expand Its Inventory Management Solutions With Covid-19

Data Systems International (DSI) is a global leader in digital supply chain management. With cutting-edge technology and a highly trained workforce, DSI helps corporations and businesses achieve their overall supply chain goals.

They have developed a comprehensive cloud-based service offering for both companies and end-users. DSI’s mission is to reduce customer drag-and-drop cycles, improve collaboration between the various stages of the supply process and help companies achieve maximum flexibility while simultaneously improving productivity while maintaining maximum control.

The DSI Global enterprise software offers a full range of industry-leading products and solutions that are designed to help streamline global supply chains, boost productivity, reduce cost, increase market share, and strengthen alliances. Data Systems International’s cloud-based real-time digital supply chain solution, Covid-19, is a revolutionary product that offers a scalable, flexible, and service-oriented solution for managing global investments and inventory.

Data Systems International empowers service providers and manufacturers with an integrated, web-based real-time visibility of inventory assets at a lower cost with greater accuracy than any other method. The Covid-19 cloud is designed to work as a virtual platform that accelerates decision-making across multiple device levels. Invented in 1998, the system is a flexible, open-source technology that is easy to use and set up. It also reduces costs by increasing the speed of global manufacturing and reducing the complexity of shipping.

According to a recently published release by InfoWorld Technologies, Data Systems International, “the world’s leading supplier of information and data systems, today announced plans to enhance its portfolio with the integration of Covid-19”. See this page for more information.

The company will integrate Covid-19 into its suite of product data management solutions, which include its enterprise system for manufacturing and logistics. The new Cloud Inventory platform will provide manufacturers with a single data-management platform that can be accessed from any location. Information on over one billion product assets and over one trillion customer records will be made easily accessible through the System.


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