Carl Daikeler Motivates People to Get Fit

Carl DaikelerCarl Daikeler is more than just an American health and fitness guru. He’s also a life coach, and his mission is to help people become more self-confident as they achieve and maintain better health. Daikeler hasn’t always lived the healthiest of lifestyles. By his own admission, he used to avoid vegetables because they didn’t taste good. His career began as a production specialist for televised halftime shows in the NFL. In the 1990s, he moved on to filming infomercials. Most of the infomercials were for health and fitness items, which got Daikeler thinking.

Noticing a growing number of obese Americans, Daikeler realized that there could be a few reasons why people were gaining weight. He knew that going to the gym could prove to be a huge hassle for a lot of people. Some people feel ashamed or embarrassed about how they look, and they might feel self-conscious about their extra weight at the gym. For people with young children or those who have two or more jobs outside the home, fitting in a daily trip to the gym might be impossible. BeachBody was born from these thoughts.

Carl Daikeler’s BeachBody program started with a series of 30- to 45-minute workout videos recorded onto DVDs. He was featured in most of the workouts. Daikeler’s program got a lot of attention, and it wasn’t long before celebrities were signing on to be a part of the program. In 2015, Daikeler made his workouts even more convenient for individuals by starting a streaming service. Now, subscribers can access Insanity, P90X and more from BeachBody’s channel.


Recently, Carl Daikeler and his family wanted to add onto the BeachBody program. Knowing that nutrition also plays a role in obesity, fitness and overall health, Daikeler created Shakeology. It’s a set of protein powders that consumers turn into shakes at their convenience. Consumers can choose the plant-based protein or a whey formulation. Shakeology’s products come in appetizing flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, salted caramel and fruit flavors. Shakeology fills the nutritional gaps that haunt typical American diets. They make a person feel full, which facilitates weight loss.