Alejandro Betancourt and His Commitment to Achieve

Hawkers is one of the few startups that managed to join the industry when the market was ready for them. The company is a sun-glass specialist that has been in the industry, helping people enjoy cheaper designer sunglasses. The company started well, but there came a time they needed to expand.

They faced some serious financial difficulties despite huge sales. Alejandro Betancourt saw the potential in the young company and stepped in. He became the president of the company. Having a vast range of experience in other sectors made him the right person for the job.

Alejandro Betancourt injected over $50 million as capital that would help redeem the dying glory. Within a short time, the fortunes rebounded, and things started working out. They focused on the best sunglasses designed according to their customer’s expectations. The products would come in various lenses, sizes, and colors, making it easier for clients to buy several products that would match any outfit for different occasions.

To succeed in this, the company embarked on using both modern and traditional forms of marketing. Alejandro Betancourt is very passionate when it comes to marketing the product to their clients. Word of mouth did not disappoint them, but they did not stop at that. Social media came to their rescue, and they managed to continue selling the brand using the model called influencer marketing.

Facebook and Instagram are some of the media platforms that have taken Hawkers on a global map. They have a system called influencer marketing that, until today, Alejandro Betancourt believes is one of the bridges they have used to move to over 50 countries across the globe. He has always encouraged his employees not to give up and must work to ensure that they achieve their overall goals. The company with over 200 employees is determined to continue partnering with influencers to boost their sales. To Read More Click Here