Abdulla Al Humaidi – Kuwaiti Businessman

Kuwaiti European Holding Group (or KEH) has been in business since 2008. The company currently has businesses in Cairo, Dubai, Dublin, Hong Kong, London and its home of Kuwait. Its five subsidiaries conduct operations in the tourism and leisure, financial services and real estate industries. All these efforts are led by Dr. Abdulla Al-Humaidi. Dr. Al-Humaidi received his education from Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin, Ireland. After seven years, and receiving his doctorate, he opted to get into business rather than medicine. He served as Chairman, Executive Vice Chairman in a number of companies. 


Along with his brother, he eventually founded KEH and has since been actively involved with the group. The portfolio of KEH contains five companies. The first one which Abdulla Al Humaidi got interested at is Armila Capital Limited. This company provides wealth management and planning, capital markets and associate advisory services to companies. The second is Al-Fouz Investment Company. This business invests, manages assets, consults in real estate investing, and provides corporate finance advice. 


It works closely with Armila Capital. Third is the brokerage company Al- Robaeya. It provides brokerage services for the Kuwait Stock Exchange and secures long-term property equity investments. Fourth is MedCorp working along Abdulla Al Humaidi. It works to develop and expand medical treatment, products, services and facilities to Kuwait, the Gulf and Europe. Finally there is the London Resort Company Holdings. It serves to provide high level leisure and entertainment. Dr. Abdulla Al Humaidi dedicates himself to making sure all these businesses, within KEH, are working at the highest levels possible.