A Top Brazilian Executive, Haroldo Jacobovicz

Brazil will remain to be proud of its firm Horizon Telecom, a leading telecommunication firm. Under the management of Haroldo, Jacobovicz is renowned for its fiber network, high-quality customer services, and modern equipment used to make the entire process a success. Haroldo Jacobovicz went a notch higher in 2020 when he decided to establish Horizons Datacenter for connectivity enhancement and solving issues related to cloud computing.

Reports from Haroldo Jacobovicz tell us that his road to success has never been a bed of roses. He had to go through thick and thin to reach his goals. Because he is a serial entrepreneur, Jacobovicz decided to establish Horizons Datacenter and e-Governe Group. The firm’s significance is worth complimenting, especially in strategic resources and computing.

The skills Haroldo Jacobovicz earned while at school have been integral towards his success at work. He is conversant in data analytics which also makes him successful in innovation. Haroldo explains hard work, resilience, and determination as critical personalities needed for one to be successful. He also adds that teamwork has helped him rise to greater heights. Through collaboration and sharing ideas with other entrepreneurs, his firms have managed to grow to greater heights.

Besides entrepreneurship, Haroldo is also an investor investing his finances in Brazil’s Hard Rock Café. He soon became the cafe’s major shareholder, expanded it, and decided to sell it in 2019. As an entrepreneur, it is concise that Haroldo has primarily focused on the IT sector. He has a passion for computing, hardware, and software. Reports tell us that Haroldo expresses his satisfaction when he sees his firms show improvement.

Haroldo Jacobovicz is a Brazilian-born citizen. He was brought up by his mum and dad, who worked as civil engineers. Since childhood, Haroldo confirms that he has always taken his parents as motivators and best friends. They have always stood by him and spearheaded his success.

For details: www.horizonstelecom.com/institucional